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Slowly getting things back to normal. Kinda. If you want to call it normal. I'll try popping in more often to check messages and view artwork from time to time, but not sure when I'll be starting my own stuff yet. My concentration is still pretty shitty.

Thank you all for the support, it's really helped pull me through. Wish you all the best of holidays with cakes and cookies and all those goodies. Make some snow sculptures while you're at it! ...if you have snow Sweating a little... 

:heart: :heart: :heart:
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So I usually don't trouble people with these sorts of problems of mine unless they're close friends, but right now I'm feeling the need to open up.

Is there anyone here with bipolar disorder who could offer some advice, or share their stories?

I had to quit art school back in November, because I had gone into a mania and was sent to the hospital twice. I've emotionally hurt and frightened the people I most care about. Since then I've still been trying to come to terms that I was bipolar, and the meds I'm taking still don't seem to be doing the trick for me, despite me trying to explain that to my psychiatrists. I know it's a slow process and it's all about trial and error, but I'm so sick of waiting to be happy again. I try to get into the things I usually love doing and I feel nothing. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather be crazy again than just feeling flat out empty, with no love for anything anymore.

I just want to be able to hold out until I get things right again.
School's been keeping me super busy, and I can say it's a happy stress.

I'm still not used to so much busy-ness and with all the homework piling up, it can feel like I'm running in circles at times. But it's never a dull moment. I love where I am right now, and I feel so at home at the college. The people there are wonderful, and the environment is perfect for work and inspiration. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

It's probably safe to say that I won't be posting anything major for a while, but until I get a more decent break, hopefully I can show off some products of my education and experiences.

Follow your passions, and don't let anyone get in the way of them. You're the author of your own story--make it a good one. =)

Peace and love. :heart:
Yup. Got my first corset, and wore my first corset.

The surprising thing? It was comfortable as hell! I wore it for several hours and it felt amazing, had zero back pain or tension even after removing it. And my posture was so much better.

The trick is to relax. As long as you're relaxing and feeling comfortable in your corset, your corset will become your own little miracle worker. I'm serious. It's the best spine therapy I've ever had. Just remember to let yourself go limp as a noodle from the hips up. Do that and you'll avoid unnecessary hyperventilating :lol:
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Hey all!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the positive feedback and support for all the reference drawings. I'm happy to see they've been useful to you. =) I'm hoping to submit more in the future, as I've already got some new hair sets in-progress.

In the meantime it would be awesome to hear any suggestions for future works, if you think there's anything that needs to be improved or tweaked. For instance, if you'd like to see some colored refs or not, or if I should just keep going with the neutral grayscale. What about beards? Accessories? More clothing collages? Please let me know!

And another quick reminder: Please do not copy and paste, trace, or alter my stuff in any way to be published/distributed as something else, or make into brushes or coloring pages or whatever else. The references are there as a guide, and I encourage you to recreate them hand-drawn in your own style. It's much more fun that way, right? =) It would just upset me to see people missing out on putting effort into something they can call their own.

I appreciate everyone's support. Thanks again, and have fun!
As of now I won't be taking any new requests, though I'll still try getting through all the ones posted in the previous journal. School's coming up soon and I won't have the time I previously did. However, I may accept an art trade here and there, depending =P so we'll see. For now, expect mainly original stuff from me.

And much thanks for all the watches, comments, and favorites during the past year. It's been really exciting to see more and more new people interested in my stuff. It's very encouraging and it keeps my spirits up =)

Take care everyone! :heart:
All right. Been bored out of my mind and desperately need to get some drawing in, so I've decided to take a shot at commissions.

What you can expect
I will draw and color your choice of either a full-body, an upper body, or a full-body next to a face shot picture of your character. I don't have the patience for any fancy backgrounds, so just expect gradients, shadows, and/or basic shapes.

I prefer to draw in my own style. However, if you feel your character would just look absolutely horrible that way, I could try to alter it to lean more towards an anime-ish flair. I'm horrible at any other type of cartoon style, so please don't ask anything otherwise from me.

I will NOT draw:
- Furry furries. (A human body with animal ears and tail are fine, but NO animal heads, paws, fur, etc.)
- Sexually explicit scenes or poses, including anything to do with rape, violence, slavery, bondage, etc.
- Sonic, Naruto, DBZ, or Twilight characters
- OC's with a fan character
- Complicated sci-fi clothing, gear, vehicles, etc. If you want something futuristic, please keep it simple enough for my own drawing ability.
- Scary insect monsters

I WILL draw:
- Couples
- Light yaoi/yuri (cuddling, kissing, nothing graphic)
- Dogs, cats, birds, any companion animal
- Guns, swords, other weapons
- Angels, fairies, demons, vampires, werewolves, elves (NOT trolls or goblins), mythical creatures
- Modern-day characters

If you're interested in a drawing from me, please specify if you'd like a full-body, an upper body, or a face next to a full body composition, and please provide any detailed reference pictures and/or a physical description of your character(s), including hair color and style, eye color, skin color, body type, age, clothing, any distinguishing marks, shape of the eyes, lips, nose, etc. It is also important for me to hear about their personality—that way I can get a better sense of how their pose and expression will turn out, if not specified beforehand. If there is anything you have not specified, I will assume it doesn't matter that much to you and I will fill in any gaps with my own imagination. Also, please tell me if you would like your character drawn with a weapon, a prop, a pet, or anything along those lines, and please describe those as well.

Other things you should know
Anyone who is interested and who understands the requirements is allowed to post a description, but I will only reply to the ones that catch my interest. If I don't reply to you within two weeks, assume that I am not interested in drawing your character. When the drawing is finished, I will send you a note and credit you in the deviation's info page.

I'm doing all commissions for free and I don't expect anything in return, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy a surprise. If I finished a character for you and you like one of my own characters, feel free to do a little sketch or drawing of them. Just make sure to credit me and send me a link to your drawing.

I can be pretty unpredictable when it comes to finishing a drawing, so I only ask for great patience. Sometimes I can get it done within several days, but most the time it takes me at least a week. I'm a perfectionist; I tend to work slowly and try to plan things ahead of time, and I can get real picky when it comes to fine-tuning. If you're expecting a quick project, or one that's expected to be done at a certain deadline, I'm not the person you're looking for.

Hope I've clarified enough, but if not, feel free to ask away. Thanks!
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My stylus has been missing for a while, and mom thinks it accidentally got thrown away. My new cat probably knocked it into the trash or something, but I pray to god it's not true. So don't expect a lot from me soon. If I do submit anything, it's gonna be back to the ol' pencils and colored pencils for now. In the meantime I'll be having violent Wacom Tablet withdrawals u.u
Had to put down my cat today; he got sick and the meds weren't doing any good. The fluid just kept building up around his lungs, his heart was failing--he wasn't comfortable at all, so the best thing we could do was let him go =(

Tigger was my first ever kitty and best friend. He lived a wonderful 11 years and was the most precious little prince you could imagine. Heaven has another kitty-angel. We'll miss you :heart:
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For a long time my artist's drive hasn't been too good. And it's not just me--my closest friends have been experiencing it, too. You know who you are =)

I understand that I've been approaching drawing in a way that makes me uncomfortable. I want my art to be more of a spiritual experience, not a perfectionistic one, where I'm constantly worrying about if the lighting is right, if the eyes should be higher or lower on a face, if the leg is too short. Art shouldn't be uncomfortable. Art shouldn't be filled with so much nitpickiness and worrying.

Throughout the year I've been looking into ways of finding a more creative means of drawing. So all I really need to do is apply what I'm discovering. Anyway, that's the reason I haven't really been working on much art. Too busy reflecting instead.

If it's not too much trouble, I'd really like to hear--from anyone kind enough in reading this--about some advice, past experiences, or just thoughts about this sort of thing. What's drawing/painting in your eyes? What do you do when you're in a slump? Any sort of thoughts about your art or art in general are sincerely appreciated. I really want you to share it =)

Thank you!
Holy kapow.

Honestly, I know there's only 40+ favorites on my DarkLink picture right now, but man. I'm not used to that. XD

Just wanted to thank everyone for the favs. Even though it's a small one, it's an accomplishment that makes me happy. Three favorites a day is huge for me, and I really appreciate it.

So I'll stop being a bitch and add some more artwork in the near future, as a little thank-you. I'm working on a few pictures in Photoshop, so you can expect some different and hopefully better stuff from me. :hug: Love to all! :hug:
Well, I just came across this very recently and as I learned more about it, it totally shocked me, and I think it's a very important issue to be aware of considering art theft. There are probably a lot of people who know about this thief already, but for those who don't, I highly suggest you read and consider this, just to be on the safe side in the future:

It always angers me to tears when I see all these dumbass pot-smokers who have nothing else better to do in there lives than pass other people's art off as their own. I catch these kinds of morons way too often, and it's really quite sad, and not to mention dangerous in many ways.

So please, if you suspect someone of impersonating an artist or stealing art in general, I encourage you to not be lazy and report it whenever you can. You wouldn't imagine how helpful it can be, especially to the victim of the theft. Thanks!
Hooo, yes! DSL, BABY!!! Now I can make fun of Monet and Jenny's artwork twice as fast! Haha, kidding. But we still need to get the scanner on the XP and all the other fancy stuff. I'm so glad that right now I'm not typing at my 18th century computer of sh*t (I'm embarassed to say that it had dial-up too, so go ahead and laugh. That's why I'm mentioning it XD).

So, explanation for no recent artwork, to all those who wondered. You ready for it? Well, sad to say that the main reason is... laziness. But I guess that all adds up to worrying about homework and "Oh, am I not going to be a dumbass and be able to pass freshman year?" stuff. SO! I suppose I'll make an acception to my no-fanart rule, and start adding some of my nicer fanworks. Apparently I'm still drawing (I'm not going to say "addicted to", because even so, that's not the case) more fanart-sy things than originals.

So until I'm over this cold and excess of sleep, I'll put a few new stuff in. I guess you can think of it as my apology to you all. Whoever reads this crap anyway. Ha.
OKAY my friends made me do it ;_; I'll be posting on here again. BUT... I'll still have most of my fanart on fanart central, and more of original art on here sometime in the near future, so expect a lot of my fanart to be deleted.
Sorry that I haven't written anything in a looooong time, but I don't think I'll be posting any more artwork on here.  However, I'm keeping my Fanart Central page updated, so you can view my newer art on there from now on.

Go here:…

Or here if that doesn't work:…
Uh... there probably won't be a lot of new stuff yet. I'm not in the drawing spirit now.
Merry Christmas ^.^; just wanted to say that so I could get my other snotty journal post out of the way. Love and peace and.. presents aaand... a clownless christmas for all! o_O
I'm thinking about writing a story... it would either be based on Yu Yu Hakusho or Zelda. I can never seem to just sit the f*** down and write/type! That friggin writers block is pissing me off, and I've had it for too long u.u I want to write as easily as I can draw.

I'd also like suggestions for pictures, I wanna draw a lot more crap >.> Maybe I should draw something that's not based on any anime or game for once... that would be nice.
AAAH I'M BACK FINALLY T.T and no I didn't spend that much time in Michigan... it took me awhile to figure out what was wrong with my f00king e-mail account -.- so anyways be prepared to be piled with tons of new pictures by me.
I won't be updating my page for about a week or two. Why, you ask? I'M GOING TO MICHIGAN! ^_^ ahem, yeah I really have a thing for that state, my favorite aunts uncles and cousins are there and I get to do a lot of fun stuff with them. So just to let you all know.